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The Churches

An appeal for old photos & paintings of St Nicolas' Church

One parish, three churches. If you're familiar with the Christian faith, you may have come across the idea of "three in one", the Christian discovery that God is, mysteriously, three persons and one God at the same time, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In Kings Norton, there is an echo of that pattern in the way our churches are organised. We are one church, one community focused on Christ, but we meet in three places (map). At times we worship separately, at times together. Three in one, one in three. It's flexible, it's friendly and it encourages variety.

Everyone is different: some prefer worship which is quiet, traditional or contemplative, others enjoy lively informality. Some like sermons, some need silence. Musical tastes vary too. And people evolve: what you found helpful five years ago may not work for you now. In Kings Norton, you can try something new without leaving us.

Our churches are buildings too. Use the links on the right to find out more about them and what goes on inside them. If it's times of services you're after, click here.

Being Anglican

The parish of Kings Norton is part of the wider community of the Anglican Communion, which is represented in over 160 countries and whose roots can be traced back to the Roman occupation of Britain.

England's parishes fit into a nationwide structure that covers every square inch of the country. The Parish of St Nicolas is in the Deanery of Kings Norton, within the Archdeaconry of Birmingham which forms part of the Diocese of Birmingham, within the Province of Canterbury.

There are two provinces in the Church of England (the other is York) which, in its turn, is just one part of that worldwide Anglican Communion.