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St Nicolas' Choir

We are a mixed group of about 20 children, teenagers and adults who enjoy singing. We use our singing to help us and others to worship God in church.

Membership of the choir is quite hard work, but it's very enjoyable and it gives you a chance to make good friends of all ages. Younger members also receive musical training and teaching about the Christian faith. Everyone receives a little money to cover expenses.

Parents will be reassured to learn that the adult choristers have all have been "CRB-checked", as the law and church policy require. There is regulated first-aid cover and a Choir Constitution that even includes an anti-bullying policy, although it has only had to be used twice in 40 years!

We sing at the main service every Sunday (10.30am) as well as at some evening services (6.00 pm). We rehearse on Fridays (see below). We also sing at a lot of Weddings on Saturdays between May and October each year.

We sing hymns and psalms with everyone, and pieces for choir alone (anthems) and we join in the spoken parts of the service. At some services, there is instrumental music too.

Choir Practices

Fridays in Church

  • 6.30 - 7.45 pm Junior Choir (approx 6 - 14 yrs)
  • 8.00 - 9.00 pm Senior Choir (10 - 80 yrs)
  • Many teens do both sessions on Fridays

But I Can't Read Music...

Don't worry. The only requirements for joining are that you can read fairly well (words, not necessarily music) can sing a little, and can work as part of a team. The rest you can learn. Entry is by a very simple audition (test) of reading and singing. We also give you time to find out how well you fit in with everyone else in choir.

We give you the opportunity to work towards Choir Ribbons (an equivalent of instrumental music Grades) and you can take a range of tests and exams at the Cathedral as you become more experienced. We also provide plenty of training and lots of fun events to join in with.

If you're interested and think you might like to join us, read our Welcome Leaflet (below); then, contact the Parish Office, who will put you in touch with the Organist and Choir Mistress.


Instrumental musicians rehearse during choir practices as best fits the needs of all involved.


Many young people are members of both sections of the choir. If you can only make one of the two nights, that is fine. We can be flexible, as long as you can commit to at least one practice time and one service a week.