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Burial Records

The Parish Office receives a steady stream of enquiries from people who are researching their family history. A churchyard as old and as well-populated as the one which surrounds St Nicolas' Church has many stories to tell, some of which go back many hundreds of years.

If you are looking for a relative or ancestor, we are happy to help, as time and records allow. Research into the history and the geography of the churchyard has been under way for some time, and we are keen to share what we are learning.

Because of the increasing number of enquiries and the time which has to be spent in following them up, we charge a fee of £15 for each genealogical search we undertake. The fee is payable whether or not our research produces the information you require. We make no charge, of course, when you are arranging a burial or a new memorial in our churchyard or when your enquiry is of a pastoral nature. Please note that a search for burial records can take some time. You should allow at least two weeks for us to respond to your request.

If you would like us to provide you with information about the churchyard or any individual buried in it, please download, print and complete this form and send it, with a cheque for £15 made payable to KNPCC to the address shown.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Parish Office.

Please Note

The Parish Office has access to most churchyard records from 1844-1998 and to all records from 1998 to the present . We only keep current burial and baptism registers. For older marriage records, click here. For older burial records, click here.

We have no access to records of other cemeteries. St Nicolas' Churchyard is not Kings Norton Cemetery (Longdales Rd), which is owned and managed by Birmingham City Council.

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