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Monday to Saturday

Kings Norton Team Parish is a busy place and much of what goes on does not take place on a Sunday. Click the links to the right to find out more.


Mid-Week Worship

There are two opportunities to meet for worship at the parish church during the week. On a Thursday at 12.00 noon there is a service of Holy Communion at which all are welcome. On a Wednesday evening from 6.30 pm, Candlelit Church provides an opportunity either to sit quietly or to meet others in an informal context and explore faith together. It's easier to experience than to explain and this page will tell you more.


Opening the Bible

If you would like to study the Bible with others, you would be welcome to join Opening the Bible, a group which meets at St Nicolas' Church on a Wednesday evening. We gather in the North Aisle after Candlelit Church at 8.00 pm for about an hour.

Bell Ringing

Whether it's handbells in church or the much bigger bells in the tower, bell-ringing provides an unusual musical opportunity, a chance to meet new people and (in the case of the big ones) some physical exercise too. Our bell ringers are always happy to welcome apprentices. All you have to do is turn up. See the links on the right for more details.

Parish Notices

PDFThe Parish Office publishes a monthly diary and a weekly notice sheet which give more details of all church-related activities in the parish. Download your copy from our Home page.


Midweek services take place at St Nicolas', the parish church. Mid-week meetings take place either in St Nicolas' Church, at Saint Nicolas' Place, the restored 15th Century building next door, or in the homes of church members.

The 3D Course

The 3D course is the Birmingham Diocesan course for Developing Disciples. It is a Bible-based study course for established Christians who want to develop their understanding and discipleship. It is also the essential first step for any further training provided by the Diocese of Birmingham. If you would like to know more, click here.