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The Team is comprised of Revd Donald Sampson (1), part-time Methodist minister at Hawkesley; Pauline Weaver (2), Children's Worker; Canon Rob Morris (3), Team Rector from 1999; Ruth Howman (4), Reader; the Revd Dr John White (5), Team Vicar from January 2010 - September 2014; Fay Fearon (6), Reader; Mandy Butler (7), Reader; the Revd Jayne Crooks (8), Team Vicar from November 2008; David Ash (9), Reader; and Susan Haynes, Reader (not pictured).

Together we bring a wide experience of church, world and, with Wycliffe, Queen’s and Mirfield in the training of the clergy, of Church of England life. With lay leaders, we share in developing the prayer, worship, ministry, mission, teaching and neighbourhood pastoral care of the Church of England for all ages throughout the parish, in ways which we pray are faithful, inclusive, bold, distinctive, appropriate to context and complementary to the ministry and mission of the whole.

2008/9 Team Review Findings

1.We serve a complex and dynamic parish with huge potential and much to risk in faith. The review clearly shows both the potential and the risk. We must not take either for granted.

2. Collegiality in clergy and lay ministries is vital for the flourishing of each part and the whole, especially in the renewal of mission and ministry in the outer estate areas and in St Nicolas’s growing weekday ministry.

3. The "centre" of clergy Team and lay leaders, St Nicolas and Parish Office needs fresh emphasis and re-shaping to serve growing common vision and tasks and every part of our Parish/Team life so each thrives together and in their own distinctive ways.


Our online photo library, which covers several years of parish activity, supplements these pages and can be found here.

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