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Oasis is the name we give to the children's activities which take place during the morning services at St Nicolas' and Immanuel Churches. Both start at 10.30 am.

An oasis is, of course, a place of rest and refreshment in a desert, an opportunity to find life where there is emptiness. That is what we would like Oasis to be.

If you are of primary school age, you are welcome to join us to learn more about life with Jesus.

Parents will be reassured to know that all the adults who lead Oasis have been "DBS-checked" as the law and church policy require.

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If You Are An Adult

Oasis is always in search of fresh ideas, attractive resources and good leadership.

If you feel you have something to offer to children of this age group and would like to get involved, please let us know.

Previous experience is not necessary, but a love of children and a desire to communicate the Christian faith to them are taken for granted.

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