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Taizé Cross Service Archive

This page is an archive of service sheets used during Taizé Prayer at St Nicolas' Church, Kings Norton before July 2011. For more recent services and up-to-date information, click here. As with all our resources, you are welcome to download, print and adapt them as you wish.

The musicians who play at these services use the book of Taizé chants sold at Taizé. It is hard to obtain commercially in the UK and copyright prevents us from reproducing the music here. If you wish to obtain a set of song books, your best bet is to find someone who is travelling to Taizé and to ask them to bring some back with them.

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Taizé Prayer in the UK

St Nicolas' is not, of course, the only church in the UK where Taizé Prayers are held on a regular basis. If you would like to find out more about what is available in this country, the Taizé Community publishes details of services organised for young people (their main "target audience") here. Our Taizé Prayers are not listed because they are not specifically aimed at the under-30s. This is Taizé Community policy.

Going to Taizé

If you think you'd like to visit Taizé for yourself, click here.


  • 5th June 2011
  • 1st May 2011
  • 3rd April 2011
  • 6th March 2011
  • 2nd January 2011
  • New Year's Eve 2010
  • 5th December 2010
  • 7th November 2010
  • 26th September 2010
  • 5th September 2010
  • 1st August 2010
  • 4th July 2010
  • 13th June 2010
  • 25th April 2010
  • 28th March 2010
  • 28th February 2010
  • 24th January 2010
  • New Year's Eve 2009
  • 29th November 2009
  • 18th October 2009
  • 30th August 2009
  • 2nd August 2009
  • 18th June 2009
  • 7th June 2009
  • 3rd May 2009