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Wedding Calendar

The calendar on the right will show you whether or not the date you have in mind for your wedding at St Nicolas' Church is still available.

It shows all the weddings which have been booked with the Marriage Clerks on a Thursday (6.30 pm - 8.00 pm) and subsequently confirmed by the Parish Office. Each wedding is displayed as busy. If you click on an entry, you will see the times at which the service is expected to start and finish.

We should point out that it takes a few days for wedding bookings to reach the online calendar. For this reason, we would ask you to use it as no more than a rough guide to availability. The only way to be certain that your preferred date and time are available is to discuss them in with the Marriage Clerks in person when you visit St Nicolas' to book your wedding on a Thursday evening, because a slot which appears to be free here may, in fact, have been booked recently.

As you can see, it is often possible to arrange more than one wedding on a Saturday, if the clergy are available.

We need to stress that weddings can only be booked by visiting St Nicolas' Church in person on a Thursday evening and speaking to a Marriage Clerk. We regret that we cannot accept bookings by phone, e-mail or online and that bookings cannot be made via the Parish Office.

Farmers' Markets & Other Attractions

Weddings are not held during Farmers' Markets and, occasionally, events are held in church at times when weddings would otherwise have been possible. That is why some weddings appear to be very long! On these occasions, busy simply means church unavailable.

Confirmed Bookings